Superfoods Matter is a commercial arm of Community Health Alliance – a legally registered NGO making a difference in Papua New Guinea.  There is a busy team working in Port Moresby on various micro-ventures to raise funding required for various planned community projects. CHA recognize the increased need be more self- financing in the current global economic climate.

We sincerely appreciate all support for our ventures. Our aim is ensure at least 90% of our commercial income is directly allocated to community projects – and in particular those smaller projects lacking sources of institutional and government funding.

Community Health Alliance is a not for profit organisation (NGO) formed to primarily focus on the community health needs of local people. The NGO will work with local communities in two main ways.

Firstly it aims to establish local health facilities working in partnership with domestic and international interested parties. All projects will be managed by a project steering committee that represents the said communities they seek to assist. Health facilities will be held under the name of this NGO and on-going operations, once established, will be governed by the management committee/Board of this NGO.

Secondly the NGO will establish and manage health promotion programs using Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) established principles by the International Red Cross (IFRC) movement. The core principle of CBHFA is to recognise that communities need to be healthy and knowledgeable, organised and engaged. The program will basically empower communities and volunteers to take charge of their health by using simple tools that help them address priority health needs.

Please feel free to email us with any support requests.